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March 2008



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Mar. 21st, 2008


Do you have a "catch phrase" for which you are known?

lol. yah.
I always say "nich wirklich, oder?" (means: not really, or?)
&& "ohne witz" (means: not kidding?)

they always say: thats so typically lisa <.

panic! at the disco.

i love them.

and zack is a sweety, too.

brendon jumped to zack & hugged him. thats why we're laughing.
too bad, you can't see bden hanging on zack at this picture =/

and with eric: (i looove my shiiirt ^^)

tomorrow.... march 22nd.... i'm gonna buy the new p!atd album =)

Mar. 18th, 2008

bad mood

when I'm in my appartment I'm happy.
I go to partys, have fun with my friends & I am excepted from everybody.

But sometimes, I'm going home, to my family (like now)
and then I am the youngest child... and I have to bear the blame.
guilty for everything.

i want my old life back.

Aug. 17th, 2007


Wenn du für einen Tag eine andere Person sein könntest, wer würdest du sein und warum?

Ich würde irgendjemand aus einer meiner Lieblingsbands sein & einen Gig spielen um einfach mal das Feeling zu bekommen, wie es ist vor so vielen Menschen, die dich lieben & deine Texte singen können, die für dich Geld ausgeben & um dir zuzuschauen wie du das machst, was du dein ganzes Leben lang fabriziert hast.

Jul. 29th, 2007

Beating Heart Baby.

hey guys,

i'm back again.
sitting here & thinking about me & myselfe.

today my aunt is coming.. she'll stay here for a week. so I can't go to a concert this week, because I have to do things with her ...

At wednesday, I'll get my money.. 97.50€
Thats enough to fill my ledger up & to buy my ticket for 'ROCK AM SEE'.
with Billy Talent, The Sounds, Razorlight and many more.
It's the last gig in Germany for Billy Talent, before they're going into the studio.
I'll be there, in the first row, with the Alexisonfire-shirt & my wonderful Canada flag. so they have to notice me & enya :D

I don't think, that there'll be a better day than the 5th march 2007...

So... I've holidays.. since 4 weeks & they're going on for 4 weeks.

Oh my god.. just 4 weeks.. I'll move to Stuttgart, beginning to work & earn my own money.. i can't realise that.
But i'm in a good mood to do that.. :)

So.. I'll clean my room now.. my aunt & her husband are on the road...

waiting for lunch :)

*kisses for youu*

next concerts are:
itchy poopzkid - 11th august
the sounds - 15th august

Jun. 16th, 2007

just a little update.

i'm a real concert-whore.
addicted :(
sometimes it's expensive..

just seen billy talent 3 times this year..
but wanna see them again.. & again.... & again... :(
thats so bad. have to go to rock am see.. 52€ !!! (for rock am ring I paid 115€) oh my god..
& from all that things (instead rock am ring) my parents don't know anything..

this summer.. it's a concert-tour with saskia. every day one fucking concert... just to kill our addiction ^^

moving to stuttgart @ 2nd of september...
just a few months...

in Germany.. & in the German panic!forum.. we all are so exciting for the new panic album.. we wanna have it :(
but i'm sure.. they'll release it in Germany a few months later, than USA.. & thats, why i'm hating Germany... always the cd's will release later than USA... thats so baaad & inequitable :(

when they're going on tour.. i'll go to every show.. we'll make a panic-tour-tour :] yes.
all the panicgirls.. we'll do it ^^
love ya :*


Feb. 7th, 2007

(no subject)

i'm moving to stuttgart <3
oh i'm soooooo happy!!! =)
yesterday was great. the people were very friendly & liked me
simon looked at my shows (vans) & then he said: "you're listening to rock, right?" i said yes & then he agreed with me... he liked me & i liked him :D:D

Jan. 13th, 2007

oh yeah.

Yesterday..... :D

finally i got the panic-dvd.. and yes... i'm so happy about it.
i ordered it 5 weeks ago & 4 weeks later they canceled the order.. -.-
but now i have it. expensive, but yes. fuck of germany </3. it's awesome... and it's so emotional when ryan is talking about his dad :( omg... it's so sad. but the concert is awesome. denver is awesome. ouh.. i love it. yuni? and i love you :D <3 (und nur du weißt warum xDDD) have fun, liskaen <3

Dec. 15th, 2006


So... this is my Journal.. Welcome x)

I hope you enjoy and getting me know better than before xD